School-enterprise cooperation project for Indonesian students

Yangzhou Polytechnic College

Yangzhou Polytechnic College cooperates with a leading domestic textile enterprise to develop cross-border talent training program. According to the needs of the enterprise's Indonesian factory, it is planned to recruit Indonesian students in China, who will be jointly trained by Yangzhou Polytechnic College and the company. At the end of the study, students can be priorly admitted as a regular employee of the factory in Semarang. During the study, training expenses and living allowances will be borne by the enterprise.

Student requirement: 

1. Indonesian students who have studied Chinese for over one year in China, or have obtained a Chinese college diploma or above, and their majors are not limited.

2. At least 18 years old, no bad Entry and Exit records

Training time: 6 months

Admission method: qualification review, online interview


Whoever Interested can contact the School of International Exchange, Yangzhou Polytechnic College.

Contact: Wu  Tel: 0514-87697077;

                     Mobile: 18651048731 (same number on WeChat)





招收对象:1. 在国内学习汉语满一年,或取得中国专科以上学历的印尼籍留学生,专业方向不限
2. 年满18周岁,无不良出入境记录





联系方式:吴老师 固话:0514-87697077

手机:18651048731 (微信同号)


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